Our mission is to help prepare young professionals and college students for their choice careers and the future of work. It is a known fact that getting the first professional job post college education is universally challenging. Depending on your country, it may be the most difficult challenge you will ever face and whether you are successful at it or not could determine the course of your life. This is where Hamoye comes in. We offer world class, specially designed internship style learning programs to help you acquire real world work experience.

Our internship programs simulate the conditions you will face in a real work environment while cutting out all of the unnecessary distractions that come with traditional internships. Not only do we have the capacity to provide everyone an opportunity, we have the special sauce to ensure you get the best out of the experience and acquire job-ready expertise. You will work alone and with peers, in a fast paced, competitive environment to keep you motivated throughout.

Our internships are offered year round designed around an industry use case capstone project. Each program involves (i) specially designed short courses with real-world projects to introduce you to the tools you need to stand out (ii) exposure to industry experts via webinars (iii) career coaching and (iv) an industry use case capstone project.

Our Social Learning Management Platform (hamoye.com) is designed to help you participate from anywhere in the world, track your accomplishments and showcase yourself to potential employers.