Hamoye Data Science Internship Program (HDSC) presents you with the most efficient, cost effective introduction to the skills you need to build a career in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

The Data Science internship program is open to all university/college students, recent graduates and career professionals seeking experience with real world projects to acquire skills required to get a head start as a Data Scientist or MLOps Engineer in any sector, including but not limited to ecommerce, fintech, healthcare, energy, investment, insurtech, banking etc.

We have the secret sauce to move your career forward

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Program OfferingsEnrollment Includes
Internship style learningGet to work learning by doing. All of your learning is designed around real world projects
Capstone ProjectYou will work on real-world use case projects selected from multiple tech-enabled sectors
CollaborationYou will collaborate with peers to deliver hands-on projects
Timely FeedbackOur faculty from Hamoye AI Labs will provide you with timely feedback. Your peers can also help unblock you when you are stuck
Short CoursesWe have designed short practical courses to help guide your learning journey
Seminar PresentationsYou will have opportunities to fine-tune your skills in presenting technical subjects to a broad audience
WebinarsYou will get multiple opportunities to interact with industry experts from around the world via webinars
Career CoachingYou will get feedback and advice on best ways to pursue a career in the data analytics field
Certificate of CompletionEarn a certificate of completion at the end but also course certificates as we track your competencies throughout the program
Enhance an online career profileShowcase all your accomplishments and competencies on Hamoye

Program Features

Machine learning is the future of medicine, marketing, finance, sports, supply chain management, email marketing and energy. Learn to build advanced machine learning models to solve challenges in different domains.

Machine Learning Mastery

Expand your knowledge on the analysis of regression in Machine Learning to develop your analytical skills to predict outcome variable through a fast paced and hands on ML projects.

Machine Learning Operations

Explore the concept of container orchestration, elastic web server frameworks, public cloud server and pipeline modelling with Kubernetes, microk8 and kubeflow.

Mastering Deep Neural Network and Time Series

Understand the dynamics of understanding the relationships in a set of data and learn the basics of Practical Time Series that allows users apply datasets for pattern recognition, mathematical finance and econometrics.

Capstone Project

Leverage on what you’ve learnt throughout the internship to provide data-driven solutions to the greatest problems facing humanity. These capstone projects have been deconstructed to different challenges across many sectors.

Skills to Learn

The Data Science Internship Program offers you an opportunity to boost your career in machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence. You could also hone your skills in:

  • Python programming
  • Developing machine learning algorithms
  • Problem solving, analysis and prediction
  • Mathematics and mathematical modelling
  • Collaboration and cognitive science

How to be a part of the internship

Do you seek to improve on your coding and machine learning skills?
Do you want a leap in your career?

Congratulations, you are just a few steps away from achieving your goal!

  1. Go to hamoye.com on your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  2. Click on 'Sign Up'
  3. Lookout for our periodic announcements on the start of a new cohort
Download The Internship Handbook here


Talented and skilled professionals in Machine Learning have never been more in demand than now, in fact, the future will only escalate the demand for them as well! A Machine Learning career is not only great in job satisfaction and security; it also promises hefty annual compensation and accelerated career growth. A 2019 Indeed report claimed: Machine Learning Engineer was The Best Job in 2019, with a 344% growth, and an average base salary of $146,085 per year.

Onboarding/OrientationWeek 1
Machine Learning MasteryWeeks 2 to 4
Machine Learning OperationsWeeks 5 to 7
Mastering Deep Neural Network and time seriesWeeks 8 to 10
Capstone ProjectsWeeks 11 and 12
Onboarding/OrientationWeek 1
Machine Learning MasteryWeeks 2 to 4
Machine Learning OperationsWeeks 5 to 7
Mastering Deep Neural Network and time seriesWeeks 8 to 10
Capstone ProjectsWeeks 11 and 12