Choose Your Roles

You can have multiple roles on the platform. Everyone who signs up is automatically registered as a Freelance Student. As a Freelance Student, you can register for and take all public courses on the platform. If you would like to register your children on the platform, create and account for yourself and one for each child. Once all of you are signed up, you can request your child’s profile to add you as a Guardian. Every role exists in both a Global context (i.e. works for all public content on the platform) or in specific contexts e.g. as a member of a specific school or organization (this is required for you to have access to private content, courses and lessons on the platform).

Find Things

Anything you want to do on the platform can be accessed via the menu items. Content can be discovered via the search bar or via the Explore menu.

Build Competencies

Our goal is to help you build up your competencies. As a result, every lesson or course you take on the platform has a graded exam at the end. As you pass exams, the platform computes your competency in related knowledge concepts so we can help you track your learning progress.

Create an Organization

If you are a trainer, a school representative or operator of a coaching center, sign up and use the “School/New Organization” menu to create your institution.