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Choose Your Roles

On the platform, you are allowed to hold multiple roles. Upon signing up, you are automatically registered as a Freelance Student, granting you access to all public courses available on the platform. To register your children on the platform, create an account for yourself and each child. Once all accounts have been created, you can request to be added as a Guardian to your child's profile. Each role can exist in either a Global context (enabling access to all public content on the platform) or a specific context, such as being a member of a particular school or organization (necessary to access private content, courses, and lessons on the platform).

Friendly Interface

The platform offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily navigate and access all features and functionalities available. One of the key components of the interface is the menu items, which provide quick access to all the actions and options that you might need while using the platform. Whether you're looking to join a new course, create a new project, or connect with other users, you can find everything you need within the menu items.Moreover, the platform provides two primary ways to discover content - the search bar and the Explore menu. The search bar enables you to find specific courses, projects, or other content by entering relevant keywords or phrases. Once you hit the search button, the platform will display a list of relevant results, making it easy for you to quickly find what you're looking for.On the other hand, the Explore menu provides a more general way to discover new and interesting content. Within the Explore menu, you can browse through different categories, such as popular courses, recently added projects, or trending topics, and find content that you might not have even thought to search for. Additionally, you can filter the content by various criteria, such as popularity, difficulty level, or date added, to further refine your search and find the most relevant and appealing content for you.Overall, whether you prefer to search for specific content or explore the platform's offerings more broadly, the menu items and search features on the platform are designed to make your experience as smooth and intuitive as possible. So, feel free to browse, search, and discover all that the platform has to offer, and unlock your full potential as a learner or creator.

Build Competencies

At our platform, we aim to support you in developing and enhancing your competencies. To achieve this objective, every lesson or course you undertake on the platform concludes with a graded exam. These exams serve as a tool to evaluate your knowledge and understanding of the related concepts covered in the course.As you successfully pass the exams, the platform measures your competency in the respective knowledge domains, which enables us to provide you with a detailed record of your learning progress. This tracking mechanism is designed to assist you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to focus on improving areas where you need more development.By tracking your learning progress through exam results, we can also personalize your learning experience and recommend courses and lessons that match your level of proficiency. This will not only help you to continue building upon your existing competencies but also enable you to expand your knowledge and skills further.Overall, our platform's approach to evaluating your learning through graded exams is aimed at empowering you to take control of your learning journey and achieve your goals. So, start exploring the courses and lessons available on the platform today, and let us help you reach your full potential!

Create an Organization

If you are a trainer, a representative of a school, or an operator of a coaching center, you can create your institution on our platform by signing up and using the dedicated "School/New Organization" menu. This feature is designed to enable educational institutions of all kinds to leverage the platform's capabilities and offer their courses and programs to a wider audience.By creating your institution on our platform, you can not only expand your reach and access new markets but also benefit from the platform's advanced features, such as automated grading, progress tracking, and personalized recommendations. Moreover, you can create customized branding and profiles for your institution, allowing you to showcase your unique identity and values to potential learners.The process of creating an institution on the platform is straightforward and user-friendly. Simply sign up as a trainer, school representative, or coaching center operator, and navigate to the "School/New Organization" menu. From there, you can input your institution's information, including its name, logo, and description, and start adding courses and lessons to your profile.

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