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Getting the first job = Difficult

Getting that first job in your desired career field can be the most difficult challenge you will ever face in your career. This is largely because you lack relevant experience. Internships are typically a good way to gain some experience, but there are often not enough opportunities to go around and if you are lucky enough to get one, you typically won’t get much out of it. This is where Hamoye comes in. Not only do we have the capacity to provide everyone an opportunity, we have the special sauce to ensure you get the best out of the experience and acquire job-ready expertise.

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Make new friends to study with, boost teamwork skills and get involved with the diverse community of interns while jump-starting your career in machine learning!

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Monitor your progress in real time as you complete courses and acquire new competencies. Learn More

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Our programs are structured to enable hands-on project-based learning. Learn More

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Join online webinars with experienced practitioners from the comfort of your home. Learn More

Learn in a Group

Our Social LMS platform enables you to learn in a collaborative environment with peers from around the world. Learn More

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