The Hamoye Data Storytelling Internship Program (HDST) offers you an effective and free-of-charge way to acquire the necessary skills for establishing a career as a Data Storyteller

All you university rockstars, fresh-faced grads, and career hustlers! If you're hungry for some real-world action and itching to gain hands-on experience, we've got the ultimate gig for you. Our internship program is your golden ticket to becoming a Data Storyteller extraordinaire, diving into exciting sectors like e-commerce, fintech, healthcare, energy, investment, insurtech, banking, and beyond. Don't wait a second longer—apply now and let's kickstart your epic journey to a triumphant career!

We have the secret sauce to propel your Data Storytelling career forward!

Our programs are packed with features designed to get the best out of your efforts!

Program Offerings & Enrollment Includes

Program Offerings Enrollment Includes

Internship style learning

Engage in hands-on learning by working on real-life projects that form the core of your educational experience.

Intensive Courses

Our practical courses are intensively designed to provide guidance and support throughout your learning journey.


You will collaborate with peers to deliver hands-on projects.

Timely Feedback

Our faculty will provide you with timely feedback. Your peers can also help unblock you when you are stuck.

Premiere & Capstone Projects

You will work on real-world use case projects selected from multiple tech-enabled sectors and have opportunities to fine-tune your skills in presenting technical subjects to a broad audience.


You will get multiple opportunities to interact with industry experts from around the world via webinars.

Career Coaching

You will get feedback and advice on best ways to pursue a career in the data analytics field.

Certificate of Completion

Earn a certificate of completion at the end but also course certificates as we track your competencies throughout the program.

Enhance an online career profile

Showcase all your accomplishments and competencies through Hamoye.

Program Content

Make new friends to study with, boost teamwork skills and get involved with the diverse community of interns while jump-starting your career in Data Storytelling!

Introduction to Python for Machine Learning

This course teaches the basics of Python programming language and its use in building and applying machine learning algorithms and models.


Skills to Learn

The Data Storytelling program offers you an opportunity to acquire in-demand data skills:

  • Python
  • Microsoft PowerBI or Python visualization libraries
  • Storytelling and Communication skills
  • Design Thinking
  • Collaboration

How to be a part of the internship

Do you seek to improve on your coding and data storytelling skills? Do you want a leap in your career?

Congratulations, you are just a few steps away from achieving your goal!

  • 1Go to on your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • 2If there is an Upcoming cohort, follow the application details and submit your application before the specified deadline
  • 3Otherwise, stay updated on the start of a new cohort by following us on our various media platforms as well as on this link.

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